Posted by: L | January 10, 2006

New Beginnings: January 2006

– the month of resolutions and new beginnings. The resolution for me this year
is to make the time and muster the courage to start writing a knitting blog. The new beginnings is
to starting a joint knitwear and design business, I’ve had TwinKnits since 2002 and will continue too, with Sheryl Yung with the support of our local yarn shop owner (and employer) Susan ‘Susi’ Herrick of Noe Knit (SF). Both recently engaged by the way.

resolution bit – easy many may think, yet I’ve always had an aversion to
‘writing’ my thoughts publicly or privately for that matter. Lord knows why, I write enough for my clients and it’s public. Ergo it’s always easier to write for others than for oneself. So
this is a big step and hopefully I’ll live up to it.

beginning bit – to starting a dream.

A New Year’s toast to resolutions, beginnings, dreams and commitments. To writing,
gabbing, knitting, designing, the occasional cocktail to keep it all sane, and
posting progress actually ANY progress for this coming year on my own knitting
and needlepoint projects – those on the needles and the stretcher frames or in
my stash. Who am I kidding…

on the needles at the moment? From the Rowan Calmer Book, Air. I’ve completed all but
the two front panels, both at the same time. If you’ve never tried – a bit
tricky the first try, but well worth it.



Next on the needles is an Ella T-Shirt Sweater with some hand died
yarn I bought on my November business trip to London and Scotland. I
have dutifully swatched and thankfully dead on. I did one of those,
I’ll just buy it and ‘hope’  that it works! Phew!



Looking forward to casting on. Thanks for reading and visiting.

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