Posted by: L | January 14, 2006

Running, running …. and one amazing niece

Congratulations go out to my niece, Sydney. Just weeks away
from her 10th birthday she and her horse Ike competed in their first 25-mile
endurance ride last weekend in San Diego with Dad riding shotgun on his horse Hawk. Her
Mom (my twin) and brother Jacob pulled crewing and cheering duty. Yes that
would be 10-years old, on a horse, in the outdoors, for 25-miles, against 80
adults and a few Jr. adults as competition! Up at 6:00 am to get Ike and
herself ready, they took off at about 7:45 am and traveled the distance by 1:15
pm. She won best conditioned horse. For those of us not familiar with endurance
riding, that’s three vets checks for horse and rider and pulling the highest
scores in all three vet checks of all 80 horses whereby each team is checked by the vet for a heart rate (horse) and
hydration (horse and rider) not once, but three times, all to see if both are fit to stay in the race. Think running a marathon run only with a several ton partner. The conditioning and weekend rides
for both Ike and Sydney these last months really paid off. Impressive. My hat off to ya’ Sydney. Love ya’ Aunt

My week pales a bit in comparison to say the least. It was productive, just not as exciting.

On the knitting: About 1-inch done on the Air sweater and teaching a learn to knit class on Wednesday’s this month. 8 women and 12-year old Anne Marie are
learning to knit a felted bag – in the round no less. No mobuis’ on the 1st go for

Aura Design: Planning my trip to San Diego for the TNNA conference next weekend. Busy doing research
with Sheryl my business partner. We’re spending this Sunday evening perusing
the exhibitors, classes. E.g. plotting our strategy. It’s all very exciting and
a bit overwhelming. 

Personal: Booked my ticket to London for a week in May. Yes I am taking a Holiday before DAC. Only because it’s in late July. And yes, I really am leaving my laptop at home. I’m headed to the Royal School of Needlework with In Stitches of Portland, OR for a week seminar. Managed to get out several very short emails
to friends. ..Happy New Year, hope all is going well, things well here in SF, more
later. Love, L.

Work: Busy week sorting and setting press meetings, finalized a press
release, started a new one. Managed to squeeze in a strategy meeting for a joint venture project with another agency. Oh yes, started sorting all the details for a conference in March and managed to get some new business follow -up in. Fingers crossed. It’s a never ending tread mill – but I do love it. 

Weekend: Out last night for a lovely dinner with ‘The Wilson’s’. Catching up and celebrating a new job for Ron and Donna’s Masters’ Program. We toasted with
a lovely Pinot Noir from Oregon.
Actually we don’t need a lot of inducement to celebrate or toast- but it never hruts.

Movie and knitting tonight. At the shop Sunday. 

More on the TNNA trip in the next couple of weeks.


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