Posted by: L | January 24, 2006

San Diego – sun, surf, extreme sport dudes … oh yea and TNNA

Back from an amazing weekend in San Diego (one of my favorite towns) and the TNNA
conference. That would be the Needle Arts Association trade show for
retailers.  AMAZING. So were some of the extreme sports dudes and dudettes at the Extreme Sports conference next door. More on that.

went to do some research (ever the marketer) to see if there is an audience that would potentially buy the patterns
that my partner Sheryl & I design. And while we may not make
millions, there is definitely a market! Yarn shops, publications, and yarn manufacturers – the latter two publish and branding, the former $$.   


Our competition.


Not to mention the new yarns for spring
– wow. Just itching to knit with them to see what comes out…

on the agenda – get the logo done and website started. Designers on that. One
down. Finish some sweaters – yes that would be helpful for a site that sells
patterns and bespoke sweaters. Not quite. Oh yea and get that marketing
database built up with as many yarn shops and yes, editors listed so that when
it goes live in April/May we actually have some things to promote, sell and
something to talk about. Working on that. Watch this space!

brought me to an idea and opportunity while at the conference, after meeting by
pure chance the publicist for TNNA. What is it with PR folks; we seem to spot
each other from across the way and then we just can’t stop pitching, because I
think I just pitched myself into giving a Marketing/MarComm 101 course for needle arts in Arizona and Columbus, OH this year. Actually that would
be very cool! I just have to fill out the paper work. Libby (TNNA PR) pitched
to the head of TNNA who said to send a request to the operations manager to
send the materials to me, follow up this week… sound familiar. The more I learn about the industry
and see the advantages of online retailing, designing, etc. it just blows me
away what could be done. Times are a changin’.

on the needles.. what knitting.


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