Posted by: L | February 6, 2006

The ‘Nekked’ Truth

I just had to write that title. I just love the word ‘nekked’..
it covers such a multitude of expressions. If you are from the South or Texas – need I say more. It’s the Lynard Skinner in the CD player. The memories.

So what’s my Nekked truth this last week? Well it’s been busy – there’s a surprise. Classes started at the Academy of Art. My Monday
evening’s are now engaged sitting in Croqui class. Long day – but worth it to
be able to render my idea’s in a clearer design and fashion image. Ends early May – Lol,
that’s a ways off.

Knitting on the needles: the sad news. None.

I finally made it into the neurologist
to see what the pain – debilitating – down the right side of my neck/shoulder, elbow,
wrist and thumb/1st finger on my right arm is all about. THANKFULLY not carpel tunnel. Unfortunatly, it’s something to do with the nerves in my neck from my surgery
in May ’05. 

The good
news – it’s fixable. Yes, the glass is half full on this side of the Atlantic. Who new that nerves could hurt that much when they regenerated?! The bad news – the repetitive motion of working on a computer all day, sketching and my knitting is a
bit much for now. It tightens up the nerves and restricts the blood flow down the arm, thus the excruciating pain. I’m to keep up my Yoga in the early
AM and other PT as it helps keep the muscles in the neck loose and opens the blood flow so that it can get to the rest of the arm/hand. I’m in for physical therapy for the next 6-weeks – in my spare time. Spare time? Right.

So, I’m working
on brushing up on my Continental knitting – it’s left handed ‘picking’. There you go. Not
sure my Doc would be pleased to know that, but hey, what he doesn’t know won’t
hurt him. Well I like that rationalization anyway.

Catch this blog I just love – Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Since not so much knitting in the weeks to come, I’ll tackle my love of
design, photo’s and the process.

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