Posted by: L | February 14, 2006

Croqui Class and My Design Process

Happy Valentines Day. Just had to wish you all that.

Ok that done. Most
of you by now know that I take classes part time at the Academy of Art
College here in San Francisco.
This semester as I mentioned in the last blog, I have dedicated to a Croqui class – how to render fashion and ideas on
a figure. An ambitious endeavor if ever there was one.

think it would be easy. Let me tell you stretching the average body from our
normal 7-7 ½ heads to 10 – not so much. Did you know that the length of your
body is directly as long as the length of your head 7 to 71/2 times? How’s that
for trivia. In rendering these ‘slender’ images that our society so covets
you’d have to measure at minimum 9 ½ heads and we work in 10. Hmmm, the math doesn’t add up to reality. But then who ever said Fashion was reality.

In order from my first attempt to final:




Actually the fisrt attempt was my fifteenth. It’s a process as you can see. Thank goodness for tracing paper.
It’s all in the thinning and lengthening.  Note to self: You’re running out of tracing paper.

I’ve rendered the figure to my and my teachers agreement, it’s off to the races. Well given the length of time it takes me, not really. But I do like that image. I digress. I use it as a guide to add the clothing – refer to previous
process. Then it’s on to color. I tend to play with different colors in the same palettes and work different rendering techniques before actually laying ‘down’ on the final figure. Did I mention I’m learning how to do that too?! If I mess
it up, I have to render the final figure onto Bristol again in pencil, then color. Well you get the picture. I end up doing this at least three
times! Grrrr.

1st_project_1 1st_project_color_1

How long does the process take? For mere fledgling’s. Yes, that would be me. Hours. For a
fashion designer of significant caliber – MAYBE 30 minutes! Never the twain
shall meet.

Did I mention they are ALL leg. 6 ‘heads’ of 10 = length of leg. Only in my dreams
are my legs ever going to be that long. If it’s any consolation, the super models in the fashion spreads are only about 8 ½ heads. Our favorite movie stars,
mere mortals like the rest of us at 7-7 ½. Works for me. 

Though come to think of it, if you met my Neurologist he’s 6’6’’and
any pro basketball player you’d have the only exceptions to the full ’10-heads’ rule. But
I digress, again. In fairness to my Nuerologist, lady’s if you saw him you would too. And he’s a nice man.
Sorry to the men in my life reading this. I just had to share that observation with the girls. 

What does this class and time all mean at the end of the day? That I can comfortably and professionally sketch the ideas/designs out of my head into a format so that my partner, clients, and publications can ‘see’ what the end product will be. I can write them, but render. Not yet. So…I’m putting myself and my figures out their, after only two weeks.
Hopefully I’ll see progress over time.

What’s on the needles. Since I’m picking, I’m working on a chunky pullover
to get better with tension. I plan to wear it on my trip to Munich, March 4. It’s cold.

PS: Why is it you never find the grammar errors until after it’s public. I’ve only read it about 50 times!I hope I got them all. If not, well I’m justing letting it go.

PPS: Aura Design update. We’re going into the third round of logo review. Lookin’ really good.

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