Posted by: L | February 21, 2006

Head down; on the Move to #2

A quick note to everyone, Stitches West was well done this year. My sister
and I had a great girl’s weekend. Sunday was Bohus
, AWESOME class with Susanna Hansson. Kits are
available. Susanna is translating the sweaters from the patterns (Swedish to
English) and Solveig is doing the hand dieing for the kits – gorgeous. For more
information you can visit the Bohus museum and/or
contact Susanna to find out what other kits are available and Solveig’s info –
she sells direct and through the museum. Thursday afternoon was spent with Maggie Jackson, wonderful and a hoot to
boot. What I wouldn’t give to go on her knitting tour of Spain in
September. Ah well, one can always dream. Saturday was spent with Nancy Bush learning the finer points of
knitted socks. All around a great weekend. I have photos and knitting swatches,
but I don’t think I’ll be able to get to my post this weekend as promised.

WHY? I’m being moved out of my lovely cottage to #2 in the main house. Why? Mold.
It’s in the walls, the ceiling and under the carpets. So major repairs are in
order. Actually a major redo. ALL as of yesterday. Thankfully the owner and his
help are getting me packed  (well all but my knitting, needlepoint and
textiles book collection) and moved by this Friday. Thursday. It’s 2:00
pm on Tuesday and they aren’t here yet. OK now I’m a bit panicked.

Thankfully I don’t have a lot of furniture or stuff. That said, I’ll be
living out of boxes for at least a month.  I leave March 3 for 10-days for
a major conference for three clients in Munich. Home on March 13th and a major
fund raiser March 18 for the Junior League. I’m on the silent auction
committee; it’s coming in fast and furious. Did I say stressed?

I’m heading to the gym to work some off later today, then to teach my
knitting class at Noe Knit. That should help – some.

OK so enough of the half empty version. The half full version. I’ll be gone
for at least 10-days of the work and I am getting central heating, wood floors
and new paint job!


Cottage, bedroom patio & backyard in Winter


On the needles: Almost done with the soccer mom sweater! Swatching for a baby
sweater design and a Colinette Jacket in Point 5.

I wasn’t stressed until today, I am now …


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