Posted by: L | February 28, 2006

Munich Sweater.. almost done

Quick update on the Soccar Mom Sweater, which I’ve done in Blizzard with the hope that it will keep me warm. I just have to shape the shoulders, block and seam. I think I’ll just make it. I LOVE working on big needles. Fast, fast.


It’s honest to say that work and personal life is BUSY. I’m on the downside of the week, with a 2:15PM flight on Friday. I’m working from that time backward. Hectic! Book and knitting planned, not packed. It wll be nice to board the flight and actually relax. No phones or email! Peggy, I’ve got the first round! On another note, is it just me or is
Kinko’s the life saver of printing!

Cottage Update
Below are pictures of the renovations going on in The
Cottage. The carpet is up in both the bedroom and living room. The tile in the
living room is next as is the linoleum in the kitchen. The surprise – ORIGINAL hard
wood floors in both! Brazilian Pergo is going to go in the bedroom. It should
be a nice contrast.
As you can see a significant amount of mold. More than
anyone thought in the bedroom. We received the test’s back. Outside average
mold spores 537, inside average mold spores +5,000. Little note: inside mold
count is not to exceed the outside mold count. No wonder I came down with a
severe lung infection a couple of weeks ago. Thank heavens not Bronchitis,
which I am prone to…





Won’t they look great.

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