Posted by: L | March 9, 2006

Traveling Update; Snowing in Munich

Hello all,

A quick update on the week. Very slow conference. Unfortunately,
no knit shops to be found. To be honest, no real opportunity to look. I’ve been in/at the conference or hitting the local beer halls and restaurants’ with clients and friend; then fielding
emails and US calls from Midnight – to the wee hours. Tough (the beer hall part) but someone had to do it. These are the best
excuses I have and I’m stickin’ to ’em. I did find a great felt shop on the
walk home from the Spatenhouse(?).



I arrived in a snowstorm and no luggage. Though to be fair,
it is the first time in years that I and my luggage have not arrived together.
And of course, my digital was in the luggage. So no snowstorm photos. Skiing
seemed to be the order of everyone coming into Munich. Well with the exception of the few of
us here for the conference. We stuck out like beacons – no parkas and ski
baggage. Can you image fresh, new snow and no skis? Horrors! Home
tomorrow – Friday, March 10. A few pictures of Munich in the snow. Beautiful.




Lions – all over the city.


On the Needles: Sock swatch (to gauge) for the trip home.

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