Posted by: L | March 24, 2006

Epiphany’s – 2; Fashion Shows, 2

The last week has produced a couple of Epiphany’s, a Fashion Show (or two), and progress on the cottage.

Epiphany #!:
No it’s not that I work too much – I know that already. It
was on the actual graphing of a sweater from ideas, notes, swatches, etc. into an
organized step process. A to B to C vs. A to C to B. It may sound strange but its efficiency in sweater design at its best. And believe you me I’m all
about efficiency these days.

And that’s were it stopped. The time saving and efficiency part. I just couldn’t settle on one yarn, I had to find two yarns that I thought might work. But it is all about the design so, maybe not so bad. I’ve done my gauge and measurement swatch. I’m now in
the process of sorting out full measurements for each one based on these swatches. It’s a textured sweater so I also need to swatch each yarn to see which one pops the best: e.g. shows the stitching the best. Below are the ideas, swatches and graphs. Notice all the notes -it’s to get the final sweater by stitch and row correctly onto the final graph
paper. Once that’s done I can write the instructions so much easier for the actual knitting of a sweater that can be sized to fit multiple sizes. Phew…


Sweater – with notes.


Preliminary ideas.



Epiphany #2:
Fashion show committee next year? Had a blast, in short, no. Ally, if I
get roped back in, you have my permission to commit me. Just make sure
they have a bar, preferably with Makers and Seven.

To my friends, family and clients – all I can say is – THANK YOU for your patience and support. Many of you have
wondered what the big deal is about. Well I have a few photos
(below). The tally is still coming in on the total amount raised. Yes,
we DID dance on the stage after
the dinner show. And no, I don’t have any pictures. But then that’s not
a surprise…


Full on catwalk – 20-minute program with Macy’s. Done at Lunch and Dinner.


Dinner Silent Auction and Fashion Show. ~ 400+ (lunch 700+)

The Cottage:
They say pictures are worth a thousand words. It is getting there. About another month (?) to go.


Walls, I have walls!



Fireplace – back together. Wall heater was taken out today!

Knitting on the needles:


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