Posted by: L | April 2, 2006

A Bird, my garden, short on time

Very much under the gun and absolutely no time to write a
proper entry. The upside of the week – I heard the first bird song of spring late Friday afternoon on my way home from coffee with a friend. Skye streaked in spring pinks and
oranges with light rain on the plants. He/she trilling away on the overhead power lines. Which reminds me to share that the Lilies in the garde are in full bloom and that the garden definitely
needs some tender loving spring care. It’s bursting with green this year from
the rain – gone a bit riot to be honest. Some serious trimming and repotting needs to be
done. Easter Weekend – if no rain. All in all – bird song and Lilies in
full bloom – beautiful and heart warming. Perfect end to a frazzled week.



Cottage Update: I have no idea where it stands. Breaking of
concrete and placement of pipes under the cottage seemed to be the objective
this week. Accompanied by lots of noise and yelling. The landlord tells me it’s my new water heater and my central heating. At least no
more sharing the hot water with the laundry room! Though to look at the living
room it looks like general contractor central… They say two more weeks. I am not holding my breath!


Knitting: None, spent what little time I had this week catching up with class.


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