Posted by: L | April 13, 2006

Knitting and loving it!

I’ve actually managed to do some knitting this week! This
is a knitting blog, so befitting this status, it behooves me to at least write
on the topic of choice every now and then…

The Soccer Sweater is finished, yes that is right, finished. The one I was
hoping to take to Munich and
at the last minute realized I had royally messed up. As you
can see in the picture I completely ‘breezed’ through the directions and
forgot the collar. Am I the only one that has blithely done this,
probably not, but I’m owning up to it. Isn’t that half the battle?


Ready to seam.


With the correct collar shaping.


The finished product – drying.

I seem to be on a roll to actually start/finish projects these days. In keeping with consistency I dedicate Easter weekend to strive to accomplish several other projects or at the least, to leave fairy dust in my wake to prove to myself that a presence – mine – did land on said project(s) at some point during the weekend. A bit like Tinkerbelle. I’m not sure my results will be as fun, as stunning or as finished, but at least started. I digress, fairy dust already. List, the list:

  • Start long weekend
    off with ‘dinner’ at Tres Agves with friends. Ok, ok…and pitchers of margueritas…
  • Mail Taxes.
  •  Log textile book
    collection onto computer for insurance purposes.
  •  Pack bulk of
    book collection for storage.
  •  Sort through knitting
    for any that can be given to the local schools knitting classes for the
    kids learning to knit.
  •  Go on date.
  •  Work on Croqui
  • Work on air sweater.
  •  Rife through closets
    to ‘cull’ what has not been worn for at least 6-months.
  • Give to charity.

That’s enough don’t you think? In parting, I leave you with this great list I found online. I couldn’t have said it better.

10 Principles of Knitting
  1. It’s all about the awesome yarn

  2. Strive to relax & have fun. Do not
strive for perfection.

  3. Be clever & daring. Take a risk!
  4. Every mistake can be fixed.
  5. Swatch, swatch, swatch.
  6. Set goals, not deadlines.
  7. Never stop learning.
  8. Share the legacy, teach someone to

  9. Put your signature on each gift.
10. Knit with love.

Cottage update? None – there hasn’t been any ‘visible’ progress
and to be frank it’s just to depressing to talk about. At least another month,
a MONTH before I’m back in…



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