Posted by: L | April 20, 2006

The Knitting, the cottage, the shoes …

This posting is ALL about the pictures…
The Knitting…


Rowan ‘Air’ sleeves. On the home stretch, a couple more rows to go and then on to the shoulder shaping. I’m hoping to take this with me on my Royal School of Needlework holiday. No promises. As you all know I ‘bit the big one’ and failed to deliver on the promised Munich sweater. I promise pictures.


The Cottage…


Front patio. Orchids, bird house, shoe shipment and bricks from the fireplace.


Fresh air duct for the heating system at the fire place – sans the brick. As you can see they have ripped out the original tile on the floor – wood rot under the tile. Ah well. Notice the new electrical panel where the old heater was.


Under the house (in the wash area) – new electrical and gas line. Did I mention they found a gas leak? Can’t seem to find were the leak is though. Well not entirely true. It is NOT from the sidewalk to the wash room. Somewhere from here to the cottage. ..


First rose bud of the garden! Definitely cause for celebration.


New water and central heating system.

 Piece De Resistance of the week…


My dress slack and travel loafers arrived! Aren’t they gorgeous.


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