Posted by: L | May 1, 2006

Countdown: 2-weeks to RSN

Royal School of Needlework here I come. Yes, I’m also a bit mad about needlepoint. Truth be told, I’ve been needle pointing longer than knitting – about 25-years. I leave Friday night, May 12 on the red eye to London. I’ll spend an evening in London and then I’m off to Hampton Court Sunday. It’s the official home of the school.

We just received the project the school has done up for us. Isn’t it lovely? It’s a section of one of the many formal gardens on the Palace grounds. Our task will be to view the actual Garden – tough job, but someone has to do it – for color and inspiration. We’ll be learning new techniques with gold, embroidery, and needle point stitches. On the personal side I’m really looking forward to a week with the Porltand Needlepoint group from In Stitches. We’ve been in ‘n out of each others lives for the last 10-years. We’re coming from all points of the globe this year for a week with friends and in my case NO laptop and well no laptop. Need I say more…


Rowan’s Calmer ‘Air’ update.I’m in the home stretch.


Completed Sleeves!


On the cable home stretch!

I have NOT started any new projects in the hopes that I’ll get this one done by May 12. Sigh, big sigh. Why, because I did pick up my next project. No we won’t talk about the others sitting and waiting.

What is it? The Baby Log Cabin blanket, pg. 79 from the new book by Mason-Dixon Knitting in Calmer. I have no clue who will be the recipient. That said, I just have to try the log cabin style knitting. Goodness knows I won’t be quilting one any time soon.

I confess, I’ve been reading Ann and Kaye’s blog over early morning coffee about there recent jaunt through the Eastern and Southern half of the good ol’ US of A – a stitch, a real stitch!I’m hoping and praying that they make it to the ‘Wild West’ of California. I figure if they can trek to Loop in London… San Francisco might not be out of the question?? Prayers, we’ll say lots of prayers.

Cottage: What would this blog be these days without an update. No pictures. Nothing new to show. I did manage to get tentative dates out of the landlord/contractor for move in – May 30th! Can you believe it? Well I don’t, but hope springs eternal. OK I JUST HAVE TO ASK – I’ve been beside myself to ask anyone and I mean anyone the following: have you ever met a contractor that works in the Nude? Why you ask? Mine does. At least he was under the floorboards where the fireplace is (see previous blog post) when I walked up the stairs. Hello. Well it does get hot.. surreal, very surreal... I should have listened to my vmail…

That’s all for now. Have a great one!

DISCLAIMER: Family and friends in London, I will be in contact
for a hello but will be on limited budget and time so not sure if I’ll
be able to do the normal rounds. My apologies in advance.



  1. Les,

    I am glad that you had a great time.

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