Posted by: L | May 11, 2006


The opening line to an all time Carly Simon classic. Gotta love her, though I’ve always wondered if that was the Mick Jagger infatuation song and if ‘You’re so Vain’ was the i’m over him song. There’s a thought. But ouch. And then to be an all time classic. Do you think they laugh about it now??

What’s the Anticipation? Well it’s certainly not the Air sweater for those of you waiting ever so patiently to see the final. Total bust to get done by tomorrow afternoon. I’m debating if I should take it with me. It’s just the shoulder shaping to do. But then I think, how much will I really do while at the RSN! Nada huh? And.. I could use the space for a book. Pretty good rational don’tcha think. ANOTHER needlework book; yea just what I need. 

The real anticipation … either by now or in the next 48-hours TwinKnits will unveil a new, snazzy site look. What do you think? Hats off to Joelle of Moxie Design Studios.

Why TwinKnits: I’m a twin and it will one day be the name of a Knit shop that we will open, until then it’s a great (I’m biased) title. Also, much better than Mo and Larry or the Wenchette’s. For the record, my brother in-law and nephew voted for wenchette’s. Both for the blog and the shop name. Men!

Besides work, my personal big, huge deadline this week has been my Croqui final. I finished TONIGHT and have turned in!

So here it is in all it’s stages:


Figures and outfits rendered and positioned. I have three copies – one for final, the other two for testing.


And boy am I glad for the two!


Final in progress. I have to work in stages.


The final. Phew…who new I could draw – certainly NOT me.Left hand top, a huge very visible mistake and a VERY last minute cover up. Pencil across the top literally minutes before I turned it in! I have a great professor, normally we would have to re-render the whole project. 20 + hours gone. He was great, suggested the cover up and let it go. He wouldn’t take it down grade. Thank goodness.

Cottage: I may actually make it back in on the 30th…

It will be a week or two before the next blog. I did tell you I was going to the RSN right…



  1. hiya! just letting you know that you might see intermittent ‘new’ and ‘old’ design. unfortunately, Typepad doesn’t allow you to hide the design in progress, so ocassionally, you may see me testing the new look and then it will disappear.

    It’s almost finished and coming along nicely. Thanks!

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