Posted by: L | May 21, 2006

Home from the Holiday

It’s been a whirl wind of work and travel the last four weeks. Boston
for work, Portland for a wedding and finally London and Hampton Court.
It’s good to be back for a while and sleeping in my own bed. I promise
that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. More on all
of it in the next week.

To set the record straight the move in date for
my cottage is now NOT May 30… but in ‘three weeks’. I swear this is every
contractor’s standard line… 3-weeks. I mean really, how long does it take to
put in heating ducts, new electrical, paint and a floor in a cottage that has all
of two rooms and a galley kitchen that is roughly 750 square feet! Three weeks
will be four months! I’m feeling very out of sorts and missing my garden view immensely!
Alli, good advice, I promise to stay off Craig’s list for the time being.
Really, I will!

knitting, Nada! I’ve been to the Royal School of Needlework for the last week as many of you know. For those men in my life
that don’t needlepoint, knit or otherwise a week at the RSN at Hampton Court is equivilent to a week of golfing or fishing with the guys. Heaven, pure
heaven! We had a great group of women and a young woman – Kelly. Who at 12 put
us all to shame, well except for Pat.


The entry to Needlework ‘Mecca’.

Sarah our course instructor for the week. Lovely, just lovely.

Kelly and her Mom, Diane.


Kelly’s finished project.

More, later, my wit has deserted me. It’s the jet lag. Though I
have to tell you I found a new magazine that my fellow passenger on the flight
to London shared with me – some men’s magazine and yes it’s a bit about the pictures –
but well the content is a riot! FVM.. LVM.. It escapes me, but funny, twisted
but funny. 

See posted pictures on the Photo Gallery of the trip.



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