Posted by: L | May 23, 2006

Tri, Girl, Tri…

I’m coming clean before I back out. I’ve been commited for about a month to do a mini and I do MEAN mini Tri,
Girl, Tri
race in Napa Valley,
September 30, 2006.  All in the name of Breast Cancer.

What the H#@LL was I thinking is about where I am right now. I’ve been on the fence for a couple of weeks. So I’m putting
this out there and counting on all of you to keep me honest and freakin’
motivated to get this completed. I have officially signed up for a team training starting July 18, which will last for 8-weeks; lord knows I’m going to need it. I figure if worse
comes to worse, I can speed walk the 4-mile run. My back is better by leaps and
bounds, I’m actually jogging now – not running – jogging. The biking and
swimming should be OK. I do those now, albiet not back to back. That’s gonna be changing.

I start training next week. I don’t expect to be able to walk for at least two
weeks, let’s hope it doesn’t affect my fingers as well. The upside, well my bum should be getting in better shape. It’s been on the ‘South Bound Slide’ for about a year now. Small frame or not. That’s motivation enough don’t you think ladies!

In all seriousness, the race is being done in Memory of my girlfriend, Theresa Suttles. She died of
breast cancer after a 2-year struggle 7-years ago this March at the age of 33. A mother, a
friend and a dreamer; she kept me in tears, laughter, on the straight and narrow, and sane when our
husbands (my now ex) were on deployment with Group god only knows where. The only other obituary commitment (detailed in January’s Knitting, Why? The Honest truth) I now have left to
fulfill is a trip to Ireland. Tough, but well, I think I can commit to completing that one someday as well.

Wish me luck! Oh yes, I will be hitting you all up for donations for this race for the Susan B. Komen Foundation in the weeks to come!

Sweater: hmmm I’m thinking something for the end of the race to keep me warm
and lookin’ pretty. Another rational for shopping for more yarn!I like that!


  1. Sounds like it will be tons of fun for you. The training will really help, and it will be fun. Of course your welcome to come to Oregon for a training block or riding with me, and running with Gaby.

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