Posted by: L | May 30, 2006

May – Where did it go and where to begin…

With two of the best books that I’ve read in a very long time.

  • Night, Elie Wiesel. I’m reading it a
    second time. I read through it so quickly the first time I don’t feel I absorbed the
    impact or the power of this testimonial to survival, humanity and/or the lack of it, and the German Concentration Camps. It’s even more powerful the second time around. As a
    daughter, granddaughter and niece of concentration camp survivors it reminds me quite simply to never forgot.
  •  Dispatches from the Edge, Anderson Cooper. Raw, absolutely raw. Just
    read it.

Onward, onward… the last month has been a wonderful
celebration and world wind of movement forward, forward. May was an ‘on the road month’ traveling for clients;
visiting with friends while on the road in Boston, London and Portland (a bit much actually) and attending the Royal School of Needlework; committing to the Tri, Girl, Tri; and the most memorable event – the attendance of one
of my closest friends wedding in Portland. Dale
Paulin. My deepest congratulations and love to you and Junko. A
lovely wedding! Thank you for including me in your very special day.


Mr and Mrs Dale Paulin


Some of Junko’ s family from Japan

Work – DAC is now officially on the horizon. Last week was the first real gung ho week. It has begun. Need I say more… 

I’m back to knitting after my awesome RSN event (almost finished with the project) and am dutifully finishing the ‘Air’


As you can see I’m working up the top half of the cardigan for the sleeve insets. Then on to the blocking and seaming. Oh the
seaming (big sigh). Actually I really don’t mind the seaming. However, I will wait until I get back into the cottage to do the seaming – the natural light is perfect. So about a week or two at most. Next project – Log Cabin Throw from Mason Dixon (pg. 79).


What do you think of the colors?

Other knitting news: I have found a fantastic sight of information Wendy Knits!. I know I’m late to the ‘knitting’ know how party on this one, but well all blogs come into ones life when they should. Talk about a knitter! If I even finish a fourth, a smidge of a smidge of the projects Wendy has, well I’ll have accomplished much! The lady is on fire!And the knitting tips, patterns…amazing. 

Cottage: Progress. Real progress. Flooring is going down. Inspector – city – comes Wednesday to give the electrical
and heating blessing. Then painting and might I hope moving back in soon? I was a bit ‘feisty’ with the landlord last week, who then
got on the contractor and viola… Inspectors, floors and a new back door!Move in target – Tuesday, June 6. I actually think they’ll make it! Yaaaahoooo….


Living room and most of the galley kitchen!


New back door


Old back door

So all this means..I have to get packing. I have to get my book collection packed and move the bookcase into storage. I need a bit more space in the cottage and this will make it. How much you wonder…

Need I say more…

I’ve culled and culled and this is what is left!

Tri-Training – it’s coming along.


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