Posted by: L | June 6, 2006

Wahooo… on the ‘Air’ home stretch; packed and ready to go!

I just have to share the following with you all. So bare with me. I was at the pool late Sunday for my twice a week swim training. It’s closing in on summer here. Sunday was the testament to that.

So what’s my point? Swimsuits and age appropriateness.Ladies we all know that some (not all) women do
not belong in a two piece bathing suit after the age of ~45. Let’s be honest we know this is true. Really, we know
this, we get this. That doesn’t mean not sexy, just a sexy one piece. ANYHOO. The real point was not  the women, it was the men! What is it with men?! You would think they would follow this
same rule/train of thought.

Ohhh noooo… I mean it was scary ladies, down right
scary at that pool. Speedo’s, SPEEDO’S and pot bellies! LOL. I will say, there are some exceptions, not many, but some. What are they thinking. Actually are they! I just wanted
to ask them – Do ya think ya look good? Really? And then with that thought, my southern heart and
all the etiquette kicked in and I just couldn’t do it. Actually, if I’m honest,
I think I was more afraid of the answer. It’s only the beginning of the summer here. Be still my beating heart.

So the BIG NEWS – they are painting the cottage Wednesday and laying the granite for the fireplace today (Tuesday). I’m not so sure about the granite that they’ve chosen, but we’ll see. It might look really good. They’ll be moving my things Friday Monday. Should I hope that I’ll be sleeping in my home with a Saturday AM view of my garden. Nope!

Knitting: WAAHOO, I finished the ‘Air’ fronts. I’ll attach the front and back shoulders this week and cast on for the collar. Target finish date – Sunday! I’ll be honest though, I would not recommend this pattern for the faint of heart. Normally the Rowan patterns are written REALLY well. Someone was most definitely asleep at the wheel on this one. I had to re-write for size, shaping, stitch count for shaping and pattern repeat for pretty much the whole thing.


Other knitting to share. One of my colleagues at Noe Knit, Kevin Ames, is making this amazing lace piece and I just had to share. Isn’t it gorgeous.


Just Gorgeous!


My latest travel project. One of Kevin’s patterns. I’ve never done knitted lace, so I’m really looking forward to giving it a try.

Tri-Training: I start ‘brick’ workouts at least once a week this week. I’m studying and reading up
on that now as well as working with a friend whose a triathlete two
days a week. Thank you Jen! It’s basically two of the three events done
back to back with set training workouts, times, etc. Did I mention six
days a week. Right. I’ll keep you posted.

PS: The scarf pattern is available at Noe Knit.

PPS: If any of you men can clue us in on the pot belly, speedo point, PLEASE share!

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