Posted by: L | June 11, 2006

Finished Cottage! Knitted Lace…

Here are the photo’s. Doesn’t it look GREAT! I’ll be in by tomorrow night! I can not even begin to describe the thrill of being back in. It boggles the mind really.

The catch – I leave this Wednesday until Saturday for Portland for work and a
50th B-Day. Then again the following Tuesday for a week in Scotland for work. I pushed out the
leave date for Scotland from
Saturday night for the wedding Sunday in London to Tuesday. I’m just too tired of traveling and too much to do for DAC.

Living Room and bathroom door

View ‘thru’ from the front door

New fireplace and granite

Bedroom alcove

Wahoo and Lol all mixed into one.

I spent Saturday moving the bookcase, with help and truck of my neighbor Michael, for more room in
the bedroom. I can actually get my ‘mini/collapsible’ drafting table into the corner of my bedroom now. I use it for my designing and drawing. I will have great view of the backyard while working. That’s a big YAHOO! I also spent some time and money at IKEA and Home Depot (BOTH bottomless pits to spend money in don’t you think?). I bought some pots to plant my roses in and some inexpensive, nuetral rugs/runners for the floor in the bedroom and under the coffee table in the living room. I promise photo’s when all is habitibal.

Knitting: That meant Nada this weekend. No Air seaming. I really need the natural light. BUT I did do some knitting. Swatching really; with the silk for the knitted lace scarf. Heaven, pure heaven. Though I have been working some non-silk to practice and learn the technique. Thank goodness for that. I’ll keep it up before moving onto the silk. What do you think?


Silk for scarf


Practice swatch

Needlepoint/Cross Stitch: I also took an excursion to Lacis (another money pit) in Berkley with Lee to pick up a floor frame for my ‘loose’ needlework. I love it. It’s the same one Lee and Jens have, which I fell in love with for cross stitch. I can switch it out with my needlepoint frame every now and then. I also found some amazing Linen DMC that I just couldn’t resist. I’m going to try some embroidery/cross stitch a bookmark or on a pillow or two.


Floor frame


Linen DMC

Tri-training: All in all, pretty good this week. Tomorrow (actually every Monday) is my one day a week rest day. Phew! Back, doing really well.


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