Posted by: L | June 13, 2006

Happy B-Day, home and on the bandwagon…

First off, to two very special men in my life: Thierry and
Rick. Happy Birthday. Not one Gemini in this Scorpion’s life, but two.
Do I Get a Prize for that one? I’m a twin, so I can say I do get the twin
thing, really I do. But I’ll say it again; do I get a prize for that one?
Anyhoo… T – I hope you’re on a beach reading this in sunny Morocco or sitting under a Cabana umbrella somewhere in Morocco goggling the women. Oh life is tough! Rick see you at your 50th bash this
weekend!  Love you both!

I’m back home! Can you believe it? I can’t, not really. Still smells a bit like paint, but I’ll take it. After 4-months in the dark place it’s just good to be home. I still need to hang the pictures and sort the books in the corner of the bedroom. However, before I start the traveling jaunt, some promised photo’s.


Living room: View 1


Fireplace …


Bedroom alcove


Corner that still needs to be sorted. Future design table sight…

Not much knitting on the needles, teaching tonight at Noe Knit, so MAYBE
some tomorrow night on the road. It’s a Portland trip though – hometown – so maybe not. I’m keepin’ it loose. I will be going to a
knitting store or two to shop with my girlfriend for her sweater and for Rick’s B-Day
sweater. Fun, fun.

Position on knitting for men: As a general rule I’m in the camp of "don’t knit sweaters for boyfriends or
men friends, only family". Rick is family, just not blood family. I told him I’d make him his choice of sweater (sans a Kaffe Fasset) for his
50th when he was 40 and again when he turned 45. My lot has come up. 10 years couldn’t have come and gone. The dude really wants a sweater! It should be
fun though. Given my postion I’ve set some rules: 1) He picks out the
sweater and or sweaters and I then design one; 2) He has to come to the
knitting store with me to choose the yarn.

On a personal note: I’ve been thinking about friends, family and people in
general a lot these days. What makes some people friends, what doesn’t, why
some are the ‘pull them under the bus’ kind, those that do unto you (and BTW
if you did unto them back, that does not even the score), some have your back others don’t…  you
get the drift.

We live in a 24/7 world and it’s a tough one. Life’s ups and downs can hit
hard and unexpectedly. At the end of the day though, we all have the ability to
choose how we live and conduct our lives. I personally choose to live each day
as best I can. Trying at the very least, to treat everyone that comes into my
sphere well. Honestly it’s a day to day thing. I try and most days I do pretty

Ultimately it’s about moving through life with thought, grace, honor and care.


After those heavy thoughts, I leave you with the 1st ‘Darwin’ Rose of the Season. Light violet. I have it on my desk. Who wouldn’t smile at that. Have a great one!

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