Posted by: L | June 27, 2006

Travel knitting adventures and inspirations

I’m home, exhausted, but home from my last long haul trip for quite a while. I picked up a bronchial infection. OHHHH Joy… A quick update on Rick’s sweater choice and my travel knitting adventures and inspirations in the last two weeks. The big question from everyone has been what sweater did Rick choose?

TADA!!! Knitting from Men from Tricoter in Seattle


PS: R … you know what that’s about…

Yes, it will be done for fall … I’ve promised!It’s out of Koigu Noro – thank goodness for self stripping. I pick it up later today from the post.

Travel Knitting: I started the official version of the scarf on the Newark leg. I’m loving it, though I did have to ‘restart’ twice on the first 8-row series.


Funnily enough it kept me awake until about 7:15 PM. I just couldn’t keep it up though and fell asleep for the last hour of the flight home. One of the longest flights home to date – 25 hours from Glasgow to San Francisco. Shattered, just shattered. Did I mention the beginnings of a bronchial infection to boot!

I was very good on this trip I did not buy any yarn – OK, OK TWO balls at HK Handknits (my Edinburgh connection and knitting stomping grounds) for some swatching of a sweater idea that I had while on the Oregon Coast the weekend before (see photo album). Images of ocean, surfing, cycling and all the accoutrements that go with these sports – and ladies let me
tell you it’s quiet a bit – are the inspiration.

Sooo from my Friday night doodling emerged the below roughs that I need to clarify a bit more. I started to swatch Sunday morning while Jenny baked a cake. Lol…still some swatching to do though on the body part. I have the cable sorted that I want for the shoulder and running down the sleeve. I’ll keep you posted.





With all that swatching going on Jenny brought out her stash and well I walked away with the Rowan Silk below and some other double knitting Tweed from Rowan that’s been out of stock for about 7-years.  Thank you Jenny!



Jenny also brought out this FABULOUS Shetland lace
christening blanket. It was done up by a very dear family friend (name escapes
me, my apologies) for her son Christopher. We ‘think’ it’s a cobweb style. And yes,
it really fits through a wedding ring.




I did say fabulous right. Never in a million years could I tackle this. Knowing ones limitations is a good thing. And this is one of mine. This is true Lace Knitting. I’m up for the ‘Knitted Lace’ stuff only (scarf). For those of you that don’t know the jargon. Lace Knitting – such as the above Shetland lace  – you do the patterning on the knit AND purl side. Complicated, very complicated. With Knitted lace you only do the patterning on the knit side and purl the purl side. It’s the bastardized version and I’ll take it. At least this is my understanding of the two. 

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