Posted by: L | July 9, 2006

Change is the Wind

If you could honor/accomplish one thing now what would it
be? Those were the words asked on a walk at the beach on the coast of Oregon several weeks ago.
What I found fascinating and heartfelt
was not just the question (it was awesome) but the answers.

Ladies, thank you. Great walk. You are amazing women!

My response: Balance.

The response wasn’t an epiphany; just a clarity of a thought
that has been bouncing around my head and heart for many, many months. A lot
has happened this past year, and there are more changes coming. Balancing my
personal and professional needs with family/friends and yes, clients, is a key
objective, for lack of a better word, for me in the year and years to come. I’ve done OK with this in the past several years, but I have a ways to go. With much thought and quite
a bit of inner struggle, I realize that for me to achieve a semblance of balance inlcudes going home to Portland.

I love the diversity and sometimes frenetic energy of San Francisco. On a sunny day, it just can’t be beat! So why Portland many of you have asked this last week. Quite simply, it’s the the only place in this gypsy life I’ve lived these 40-years that feels like home all the
way down to my toes. I set up roots there in 1994 and they are firmly planted. 

This is a HUGE step for me. I have always had a wander lust to see the world. Or as an Aussie friend has stated more than once – I’ve just gone on a longer walkabout than some. For some
of you, you’ll get this about me, others maybe not so much. 21-years ago my
dream was to see the world in technicolor, not from an armchair or through a
book, but by living it (though the two combined together at times make a great alternative!). In 1985 I packed my 1982 White Honda hatchback and hit the road. I haven’t
stopped seeing or experiencing the world yet. It’s been an awesome adventure. I’ll
still wander, but from a home base. There is a difference.

I am and have always been a private and sometimes solitary person;
sometimes by choice others by circumstance. I have shared the full extent of my
feelings and thoughts of why with only a few of you and bits and pieces with others these
last months. I’ve not been able to reach out to all of you individually to
discuss; for this I offer my sincerest of apologies as I believe that your
thoughts are just as important. It’s just not been possible.

I’m a believer that we make life what we want it to be – well a bit of luck every now and then helps. I’ve had quite a bit of both throughout the last 21-years. I also believe that living life with grace, courage, curiosity, integrity, and love play a role in
how I approach it. My life has truly been blessed in all my wanderings. I have
received more love, met more people, and made more friends than I think most people do in
a lifetime. Thank you.   

I will be in San Francisco and San Jose VERY frequently for work and friends. So I expect to see you all for a long
time to come. The sofa bed is always open for visitors in Portland…

Leslie C.
July 2006
The Cottage
San Francisco


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