Posted by: L | July 17, 2006

Brain Dead, Scorching in SF and Knitting

DAC is a week away. It’s well, exhausting. My brain is on auto pilot. Family and friends, when you call and ask ‘How am I doing’ and you hear: ‘fine’ and a pause. I am NOT engaged – at all. If I say ‘ I’ll call you back’. Sans an emergency, that means I’ll call you back. In two weeks. Don’t take it personal, unless you’re a client, I’m saying it to everyone.

We’re scrambling, even more this year than normal. The conference is in late July vs. early June. What does that mean? Everyone’s off schedule, very little press and dropped attendees from Europe and Asia. It’s the HOLIDAY season. Honest to goodness what were they thinking? Enough negative. Looking at the glass half full, clients do have press appointments and customer appointments. The conference is in San Francisco. I don’t have to travel. It will be fine...The Denali Party looks to be a resounding success. I’ve go my ticket. Hey it’s about priorities right….

The weather in San Francisco. The last several days – hot, really hot, with no breeze. It’s July, it’s San Francisco, which usually means ‘never shall the two meet’. Hah. At about 7:00 PM tonight we had a breeze that managed to make it’s way over Diamond Heights. Death Valley hit a high of 125 degrees. Lol. I shouldn’t really complain, it was the hottest place on earth today.

So what do the two mean when it applies to Rick’s sweater? First, thank GOODNESS for ribbed sweaters, they don’t take any thought to execute. Weather wise and the sweater? It’s a b*t@h, truly it is. It’s made out of wool. Wool in 87-degree heat and no air conditioner – not good. But I’m pressing on.

The front was cast on during Stage 13 of the ‘Le Tour de France’. That would be the evening rerun, not the 5:30 AM live version. I love watching the race and knitting. I don’t get bored, which I do when it’s just the race, which I’ve done on more than one occasion. Hint – the men in my life don’t really watch football, most, if not all are cyclist, surfers, soccer players or fellow knitters. OK some are Duck’s fans. Need I say
more on that? Knitting and/or needlework are the perfect sport while supporting a cyclist, watching a soccer game or hanging on the beach. The last not being to much of a hardship.

I have a HUGE issue with the one of the announcers of The Tour. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE learn how to pronounce ‘Le Tour de France’ sans the Texas accent. It’s not ‘Lay Tor day Fraaance’. It just irks me. OK maybe the heat has something to with it…. Nope, it really irks me.

Quick update on the move. Outbound date: Saturday, August 19. Plan? Meander my way up the Northern California and Oregon Coast for 4-days. Camping at Ft. Bragg and hopefully catching a cottage on the Oregon Coast. Arrival into Portland is planned for sometime Tuesday, August 22. At the very least I will make it in time to watch my bro’ at PIR. Yo dude, you better be there. I’ll be sub-leasing a friends place at the Elliott for six weeks while I find a rental. I’m cool on the packing and movers. The great thing with 650 square feet of space is that there’s not a lot to pack. Thanks everyone.

On that note, off to watch tonight’s Tour updates and knit a bit.




  1. Great reading, Leslie! Especially at 1 am, working overtime like everyone trying to prepare for DAC…

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