Posted by: L | July 30, 2006

Self publishing workshop and knitting

would think that writing (for a writer) is easy. If only… I’m in the process of answering some very thought
provoking questions from Cat Bordhi in the hopes to garner a slot in a much
coveted self publishing workshop to be held January 2007. It’s tough I tell
you. I’ve been struggling to sort why these questions are so hard for me to

put my finger on it. It’s about distilling some very direct questions of why I
want to do something that’s personal and what it is that I want to accomplish
at this workshop. Convey my inner most why’s, analyze them, and then write them down. Yikes. Preferably in a manner whereby the words and thoughts convey my why’s and answer the questions. Both simultaneously. My twin, my mom and Lee have all been a great help! Thank you!  If accepted, I promise to post the questions and my answers.

have survived DAC for another year. WAAHHOOOO! I am now officially back in the
land of the living. I can do dinners, coffee, cocktails, hold a coherent
telephone conversation, actually any conversation and knit. I tried knitting one
night during DAC. I thought it went well, but well no.


At 5:05 PM today this was the progress. Quite a bit, but do you see it?


At about 5:15 PM I noticed that I had a ‘deviant‘ shift of a column. No this was not one of those, I think I can fix it by sorting ‘hooks and ladders’ of two  columns up, oh, FOUR INCHES of knitting. Grrrr….

As of 5:22 PM today.

Back to writing…

Stop, hold the press… the deviant column? Done during the heat wave.
See July 17 posting – Brain dead, Scorching in SF and Knitting photo. Grrr….



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