Posted by: L | August 7, 2006

12-Days and Counting

I’m wracking my brain for that saying when they count down for lift off?
…T-minus and counting… Oh well, if anyone can remember will you please tell
me? Now that I have that off my chest, I have 12 DAYS to go until my Green
Camry and I head up the California Highway-1(PCH) towards Portland. Can you believe
it, I can’t.

Would you believe me if I told you I have not packed a thing. Not one
box. Yikes… I’m in trouble. Truth be told I still have to order the
moving supplies. Did you know you can order them online? Dontcha’ just love the
Internet? Life saver I tell ya!

Not that’s it’s going to blow anyone’s socks off. But my days have been
spent working. Working on new business, writing, schmoozing …yada, yada,
yada..Life’s tuff. ‘Suck it up’ as my nephew would remind me…However, when
you’re trying to move and see friends, all with 12-days to go, it’s well, a
lot. My goal is to get the bedroom and kitchen packed this weekend. I keep
saying 650-feet isn’t much to pack. Lord let’s hope I’m not smokin’ somethin’.

Heads-up. Postings are going to be few and far between in the next two
weeks. Apologies, but, well, if you didn’t read between lines above. News Flash
– life’s a bit hectic. Yea, yea, I know. ‘Suck it up’.

So what have I been doing with my free time? Recently, lunch with a girlfriend in Los Gatos, time with friends in from the UK, and a great trip to Petaluma with Sue from the knit shop. We went to see the local yarn shop, had a great
lunch, took a wonder through old town and a stroll to see the wonderful Arts and Crafts homes. Here
are some of our favorites:





We just loved the stained glass windows on the house above.

Knitting on the needles? Rick’s sweater. It’s coming slowly. I’m back to
where I was before I ripped. I’m hopping – though I realize hope is not a strategy – to have the front done
by the time I leave on the 19th. I’ll have accomplished something if I can get
that far!

Hallowed be my middle name, procrastinator!

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