Posted by: L | August 17, 2006

2T and Counting

As I sit in my kitchen, surrounded by chaos, I hear for the
last time, or at least for a great while, the Giants fireworks and the show that
can be seen for the roof top. It’s spectacular – a view of the city and the
bay. It does make for a show on July 4th!


Roof top fireworks


Dim view of Berkley

will be the last posting for a while. I’ll not promise, but I will try to keep
you posted on my travels, thoughts and
photo’s up the PCH starting Saturday.

apologize for the short, uneventful postings this last week. It’s been hectic
and overwhelming all rolled up into one. My latest mantra being – you can sleep
in Sunday, you can sleep in Sunday…It’s true and it’s keeping me going.

only been here for 3-years, but I’ve made some spectacular friends. I’ll miss
you all. And I really promise I’ll see you regularly. My friends in the UK and the
Continent can attest to my commitment to friendship! On that note, I’ve been
spending as much time with everyone as I can. For those that I have missed –
I’ll see you in September and October.

off to an early nights sleep. No knitting done on Rick’s sweater the past several days. I did
have an enlightening conversation with Kevin over coffee on the striping of the
front sides of the v-neck. Given that it has to be split for the V and the working each side separately, the
self stripping of the Nore row colors will be deeper/length due to the width being
smaller. I.E. Not really in sync. Rick was actually OK with this.

well with me being Miss Type A, this just wasn’t sitting well for me. Kevin and
I hemmed and hawed for a while, not really coming to any real conclusions on
what could be done to keep the colors somewhat even. So we
moved onto another completely different topic.

– topic, Kevin stops, pauses and states, "Steek the V- collar".

missing a beat – I was so proud of myself – I replied – "Of course. How
wide do you think?"

maybe an inch and a bit."

it was back to the other conversation. It’s so nice when you’re both on that
same knitting wave length.

I managed to make it into the Noe Knit Fall new yarn showing.


Noe Knit customer – Stunning. I love the edging she and Sue came up with.


98 Colors of Cascade 220 at Noe Knit. Those Noni bags are calling and I’m not a felter or purse person. I’m just sorry I’ll miss the trunk show next week!


Susie – Store owner

The Audience


Kevin, frantically keeping pace with purchases.

A resounding success don’t you think?


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