Posted by: L | September 10, 2006

Guilty of Being out of Touch

First thing’s first, my email is now up and running! Sorry for that folks, it went down about Noon Saturday.

Onward, onward. I admit it. I’ve been horrible getting any regular postings out. I’m blaming it on the no home/evening Internet connection, which of course is the time that I do my posting and knitting. Sooo what do I have to show for the last week for knitting if I’ve not been updating the blog?

A completely ripped out Sweater for Sydney. As can happen the gauge swatch was on target, but well when I actually began to knit the sweater it didn’t quite come out to gauge. Since I can’t find the images! GRRRRR….Let’s just say that the width was suppose to be 18.5 inches for the back. It was measuring at 21.5 inches. Something just not right in knitting land on that one. Rick’s is coming along. The sleeves have been started. The goal is to have them done by next weekend. We’ll see.

The highlight of my knitting week? I went to Powell’s (one of the MOST amazing books stores west of the Mississippi) on SE Hawthorne to see the hilariously witty Yarn Harlot. Oh the laughter and the knitting. It was wonderful! I did manage to find those photo’s. Let me tell you it was standing room only.

The seated.

Standing room only

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee taking her obligatory ‘sock’ photo.

It was a great night.

On a personal note, I started the new job. September 1 was the official day of merging of my company into another as a division. It’s been going well all things considered. Along with personally still not being in a permanent home(another month to go). I’ve been doing all the things you do in a new environment. Meeting new people, and if you’re me, trying to remember which names and go with the correct faces. Sorting all the piddly details like medical, dental, computer, email. You know, the fun stuff. Consequently, I’ve not called, emailed – well anything really to ANYONE in weeks. My apologies. The fact that I’m feeling guilty means I’m coming out of it. Expect telephone calls, emails in the next couple of weeks. Everyone is in my thoughts though!

Next on the blog agenda is the steaking of Rick’s sweater and step by step instructions with Kevin as the model.


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