Posted by: L | November 29, 2006

Slipshod, Negligent – boy and however!

Can one say that about them self? I hope so, because it describes my
attentiveness to this blog the past months brilliantly! Or does pathetic do the
trick? Inconsistent? Ya think? I mean talk about going silent! My family would
never believe it. Well either do many friends. But I did.

I wish I had a really, really GREAT rational. Plain and simple
– my life has been consumed with the transition from San
Francisco to Portland.
Me, the chick that has moved more times than I care to count has definitely
fallen off the dime on this one. It’s coming together

I found a place to rent while I look to buy something. Who
would have thought finding a semi-permanent home in Portland would be so hard. But it was. It took
me 4-weeks to find a place and then another 4 to get in. Many thanks go to Rick
and Vesna for letting me sub-lease the flat for a longer than anticipated time
at a stellar, and I mean stellar rate (internet connection or not).

I have a new job as many of you know by now; I merged my
company with another, larger firm here in Portland.
I am very much enjoying the decision, the team and the organization. It’s been
a lot of work, but I think, I am starting to settle in. It’s been a tough one.

also been spending quite a bit of time reconnecting with old friends and making
one additional special one. Yes, that would be a boyfriend. Whoda thunk.. Like
that was in the cards?! And does someone in there 40’s say boyfriend? If not,
then what?

definitely begun to dial in the teaching, designing and knitting here in town.
I’m currently teaching at Knit Purl an
am very much enjoying my students and the shop. I’m currently designing a cable
hat for a basic class this winter.

sweater is almost finished. It’s a bit behind schedule. I had to wait to get moved into
the apartment to unpack to get to it. Can you believe the packers packed it!
Packed it I say. AND it was in the pile that said DO NOT PACK. I mean really.
But I prevailed; I went out and bought yarn for sweaters for the niece and
nephew. The niece’s is coming along. I’ve only had to rip it out once. Debbie
Bliss Juniors Book. Great book, great pattern, not so great yarn. I’m using the Rowan Tweed. I gauge swatched that puppy twice to gauge only to have the yarn be more open width wise. The heat, it must have been the heat. Yea right. Went down a needle size, gauge off, sweater width – perfect. Grrrrrrr…

mildly stressing about the Cat Bordhi workshop in January. I truly have to light a fire
under my bum on that one. Kevin, Kevin expects a flurry of emails and calls

apologies, no pictures. My digital camera decided that it had been working for
far too long and has died on me. I’m convinced that intuitively all electronics
have an internal feature that is programmed to die in 3-years, two months and
173 days from the date of purchase. It’s a racket I tell ya! I wonder if
there’s a hot line I can call?

All the best!


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