Posted by: L | December 30, 2006

Holiday and Taking the Home Owner Plunge

I’ve been on Holiday for the last week and loving it. First one in three years. What have I been doing? Not returning telephone calls – it’s a Holiday remember. Who returns telephone calls if you’re in Italy? Same principle even if you are home on Holiday. Well at least for me. Other activities, relaxing, doing some needlepoint, knitting, designing, etc. It’s been great. Here’s a photo from my needlepoint group Christmas Champaign event.


Christmas Day was wonderful. Tim and I spent Christmas Eve with friends, Christmas Day together with a brief dessert at Rick’s. Dessert, compliments of Tim. The man can make serious chocolate chip cookies.

Still no working digital camera. Technically it’s the download feature to the computer that is not working. The camera still works great. Its the software!!! To those of you in EDA – why does that sound familiar. It’s no longer compatible with my HP Printer /Scanner. Did I mention the camera is an HP? Compliments of HP and  Microsoft support team. Solution? None – yet. So… I sucked it up and bought a new camera from yesterday. I have to head to Walgreen’s shortly to download the photo’s from the memory card.

Sweater photos to follow shortly. Rick’s sweater? To be honest, photos will only do this saga justice. Not good. Picture this: rrriiiipppp, unknit, take out, pull out… you get the drift. Both sleeve’s. 16 inches! EACH! AGGGHHHH. On the bright side I’m clocking right along with Sydney’s birthday sweater. I’m just finishing up a cable hat design and starting a new sweater design.

Other big news? As many of you know, I’ve been looking for a home to buy the last several months: with no luck. So I started looking at the condo market in some of the up and coming neighborhoods (affordable housing..) Viola, I went into escrow on a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath condo/town home three weeks ago in the N. Portland neighborhood of St. Johns. A bit of an edgy neighborhood and diverse. Love it!

I close March 1.

I bought the model home. The photos below are of my actual place – sans the furniture. I’m one unit in from the one red lined in one; one of the shorter grey units. I have all three floors of the unit. Garage on ground/first floor; kitchen, living, dining and 1/2 bath on second floor and 2-bedrooms and 2-baths on the third. Total Square footage – 1,263 feet. Only one common wall against the stairway with the unit next door. Lot’s of light. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all that space given my City living day’s these last 10-years! Wow, wow!

Mathew Frank


Living Room with Breakfast Nook



I’ll be honest; this is the scariest endeavor I’ve undertaken, ever. Even going out on my own in 2000 wasn’t as nerve wracking. I woke up several nights ago with some serious single person buyers angst. That says it all! Then I was thinking, why am I freaking out. The monthly payments are really only $200.00 more than I would have preferred, but doable with some tight budgeting for about 18-months. I can do this!

OOOOHHHH to have a room to only be used as an office/designing space and guest room. Hmm I just figured out some of the square footage issue. Guest’s be forewarned the knitting and needlework projects… Fabulous, just fabulous! I’m almost over the angst. Give me a couple of years!

New Year’s resolution for 2007. A day early, but here they are:

  1. To be completely out of debt by end of 2008 (sooner if possible). Sans the mortgage..
  2. Buy only 1 project worth of yarn at Stitches West (directly related to mortgage…)
  3. Not to buy any new knitting or needlework projects in 2007 (directly related to mortgage…)
  4. Finish projects that are sitting in drawer.
  5. Only invest in knitting yarn (a ball or two) per knitting design project
  6. Get rolling on my Cat Bordhi homework – have a rough draft of book by end 2007


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