Posted by: L | January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

May 2007 bring you peace, joy and happiness.

It’s been a amazing year for me and I thank you all for your time in reading this blog, your words of encouragement and the joy you bring to me. In reflection, that is what bringing in the New Year is a bit about … 2006 has been one of friendships, family, love and endurance. 2006 included.

  1. The kick-off of my dream of designing knitwear and teaching. Many, many thanks go to Noe Knit and Knit Purl, Sue, Sheryl, Lee Ann and Kevin.
  2. Personally, the very tough decision to move back to Portland, Ore. after three wonderful years in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, and many, many wonderful friends. I miss you all, but couldn’t/wouldn’t be here without you.
  3. Professionally, I’ve moved into an wonderful new opportunity. I was blessed to merge my business with a a top notch, national mid-size public relations agency and become part of an amazing team that is growing. This was capped off with several of my previous clients coming with me. Truly a professional blessing.
  4. Last but not least, I’ve become a home owner (Dec. 30 posting).

What does 2007 bring? Settling into life in Portland. I’ll keep
writing the blog in 2007, but I’m looking to make it more knitting centric, with more photos
and how to directions and ideas. My life will continue to be peppered around and into it.   Professionally and personally I continue to grow and be open. 2007?! Bring it on!

I leave you with some my favorite quotes:

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: "I’m with you kid. Let’s go."

Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all.

It’s not enough that we do our best, sometimes we have to do what’s required.


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