Posted by: L | January 21, 2007

Rick’s Sweater Saga & Cat Bordhi

Where to start. Seriously, where to start. Last post I promised pictures of the Rick sweater saga. Yes, the new digital camera made it and the software works!

Christmas eve, shoulder shaping to go and an intuition that the arms were just to long. Ohhhh intuition…Noro, I love it, but goodness the wool is not consistent. The result – a total of 32 inches of ripping… painful, very painful. It’s mid January and I’m just now picking the sweater back up.


Before the saga…


Round 2 …


No, rows per inch for this project do not equal correct length. So… I recalculated by inches needed and did some ‘adjusting’ to accommodate 7-rows per inch, 5-rows per inch, 6- rows per inch situation. Prayers, say lots of prayers.

I’m in the San Juan’s for the Cat Bordhi Visionary retreat. After a 3-hour drive I boarded the Anacortes Ferry to Friday Harbor, WA to see what I can learn this week on self publishing. Open, open, open is the valuable lesson to be learned this week. A few photos as this journey begins.   


Boarding the Ferry


View …


Friday Harbor and week of amazing learning and growth…


Our classroom.

Kevin, you are missed!

The irony… no mobile telephone, but wireless. I love technology!

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