Posted by: L | February 13, 2007

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Knitting, none, NONE! Why? An errant and not prepared client! What, oh what makes a client think that they can pull together 2-seminars, a press release and a power point presentation for the press in two-weeks… honest to god! Don’t ask me how it’s going…

Other news? Closing date is getting closer and all seems to be going well – sort of. Underwriting – check. Garage completed? Weeeelllll  NO. I bought the model home and the full unit HAS to be finished – completely – for the appraiser to sign off. Don’t ask, new construction and then the model home have ‘issue’s for final appraisal. When is it suppose to be done? The 16th. The caveat? Finished means the drywall has to be done by the time the appraiser comes out to appraise on the 16th… NO the 19th or 20th won’t work if you want us to do the final walk through and the sign off on the condo on the 22nd. Is it just me or is that one hard to get? ….. I didn’t think so. We changed the date to the 21st. They’re balking… can you believe it! Tell it to the Appraiser…

My knitting classes (yoga and swimming) are the calm in my storms these days. The Thursday night ‘My First Sweater’ Group are a hoot and my Saturday AMers are just as fun.

Gotta fly. Internal meeting for said client in the office in 30. I leave you with….


Aya, one of my regular Saturday Students. She’s learning to make a hat and doing a great, great job.


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