Posted by: L | February 26, 2007

No Stitches West and the Construction Blues

This was the 1st year in several that I’ve not been to Stitches West in San Jose. I was bummin’, truly bummin’. I miss the people that I see only one or two times a year and all my friends from SF and The Peninsula. See you at Camp! Saving the pennies as we speak! Why was I not in attendance this year? Sick, chest hacking sick. I have the bruised lungs to prove it. I just hate it when that happens. I’ll not complain to much though, I don’t get sick like this often anymore. Phew…

I did manage to get some knitting in, but not enough to brag about. The big, and I mean BIG agenda on my list has been the condo. We did the punch list inspection last Thursday. It’s going to be to the wire on this one. Two big snaffu’s. Actually I shouldn’t complain to much, I’m sure it could have been worse.

First? No vent in the attic. Yes, you heard right, no vent. Result? The beginning of small flowers of mold on the sheathing. They’re (the seller/builder) taking care of it – thank goodness. Here’s the rub, if I hadn’t paid an ungodly sum of my own money for an inspector to inspect the condo they, the builder/seller would have not said anything. And builders wonder why people are so down on there profession?!?! Here’s a surprise. The builder wasn’t really surprised that the unit had problems. He fired the roofers for not doing a good job three years ago. That’s comforting. Lesson learned for those that want to know. New construction or not – get an inspector.

2nd issue? Pictures say a thousand words…


Yes, the idiots put down an 8 x 5 carpet on brand new Cherry wood floors and then let it sit for over a year. A call is in to rep to see if it will come back up. Yes, I realize that when one puts down a rug that aging occurs. Problem? In this case, a brand new floor that even the builder is not sure will come back. If they don’t come back? A new floor now. If they ‘might’ come back. A year ‘wait and see’ with an addendum that if they don’t come back. A new floor. Not  perfect, but livable. Did I mention the builder commented to me that this had happened in two previous models? And the lesson would be… don’t put a carpet down on a brand new wood floor. I rest my case. Idiots.

What does this all mean? I can finally get down to some knitting and drawing in the next months in my second bedroom / office. Most, if not all, of my knitting and drawing materials have been in storage since I moved. I truly have been going through withdrawal!

More later, off to hand over a hefty check to my new best friend. The Mortgage Company. Funny that…


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