Posted by: L | March 6, 2007

I’m IN. BIG sigh of relief

First off – thank you everyone for your well wishes and liking my new pad. I know I’ve said this before, many, many a time. Someone pointed out that one can say thank you one to many times. Hey, ask me if I care. Thank you all!Especially to my brother and Tim.  We (I really should say, they) were down a man for moving me and managed to get me from one location to another in ONE day. Trust me, you two rock!

All in all, the pad is pretty cool. It still has not sunk in. Time, I give it time. The question amongst friends- when? The bet? When I write the first mortgage ‘check’ April 1.  We’ll see. Personally, I think later. Honestly the payment is roughly equal to my rent in SF so sticker shock? Not really. I now own the place vs. not. BIG difference. The tipping point I think will be when I have to pay the plumber (or other) vs. signing off for the landlord to pay the bill. Dude/dudette if you thought I looked over your shoulder as the tenant, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

But then again, maybe not. I truly feel that this is the right time in my life to make this decision and purchase. I mean if I look at this as one ongoing ‘shoe’ and ‘wool’ budget (trust me on this) it’s doable over the course of the next years. Think of the loss of shoes and WOOL? Hello.. the loss of those two in my life alone give me more angst than the mortgage payment. Oh SOOOO true.

To be honest, until it was over – the signing and the move – I really had no idea HOW time consuming this whole process has been. Hind sight is 20/20. Not just to my knitting life – pathetic – with the exception of my Thursday and Saturday classes, but well life in general.

GOING forward, there will be more on knitting and life and the books in the works. I’ve set a deadline to get a proposal out in the next two weeks. Which reminds me, I have to get that seaming done for a client…

Off to deal with the home security. The punch list – wwwweeeellllll still not complete. Hey, at least I have a vent in the roof. This time last week. Nada…


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