Posted by: L | March 12, 2007

New Home News

I’m slowly settling in. I have all but the book boxes
unpacked. Phew. I’d have those unpacked as well, but it looks like I’m going to
have to find another solution to my glass front bookcase I’ve been using for
years, years! Can you believe it? I have well over 600 square feet more than
my last place and NO really good place to put it?! It’s that extra half bath, I
just know it. A solution is at hand; a day trip to Seattle and IKEA. Not my
favorite way to spend a Saturday.

The second bedroom is giving me fits. I have a built in desk that is
well, crap. Whoever built it must not use a laptop or for that matter a
desk or a computer. I mean truly who builds a desk these days and does
not include a place to house the laptop and a tray for the keyboard?
Shelves that can actually hold books would be good. Really…
seriously…I am not kidding. Pictures next go round.

We managed to take a walk down main street of St. Johns, N. Portland yesterday. We counted at least 6-bars (in two blocks) and four coffee shops within that same radius. We’ve taken a wild guess that they – the bars – have NOT been renovated since about 1972. It’s a neighborhood in transition and well, in short, it’s great! Pictures and some history soon.

My knitting is coming along. I actually managed to get some done last
night and tonight. A SURE sign that my life is settling down. What else? Not much. I’m heading to get some sleep. Th moving and time change have really left me knackered. 

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