Posted by: L | March 17, 2007

Knitting for my office

It hit me today. The I own a home thing. What was it? It was not the mortgage! It was the second bedroom, den / office. It’s NOT functional – at all.

I give you pictures:


The desk


The room

It’s the catch all room at the moment and needs some serious help. My initial thought (gut) has been to rip out the desk and shelving unit and build a large built in closet with doors. Something sharp and contemporary looking that would store all my knitting, sewing and needlework and have some hanging space for my flat pattern drafts. Books shelves – something, anything – would be a good use of the useless nook space. Then all I would need is a desk that I can actually work on.

The thought of doing this myself put me over the edge. My DIY self (NOT) have gone UP AND WENT! Did I mention I HATE, just HATE clutter. My Mom may not believe that given my childhood, but I do.

What did I do? Like any self respecting non-DIYer I called California Closets. A designer is set to come out
in two weeks to help me put it right! It hit me once I had decided to make the call. $$’s were needed and the savings account – well a bit on the limp side. Thank goodness for my teaching. I’ll have knitted my office – LITERALLY! In an odd way, that’s very satisfying.

I’m in.

Knitting on the needles? Not much. I’m working on a cable sock class and a writing two endeavors for knitting and traveling. They may take a while to come to fruition. Positive energy and thoughts will continue to drive me. They will happen and they will be cool, really cool.

I’ll keep you posted.




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