Posted by: L | April 25, 2007

Gob smacked and Home

I have to put this on the table from the get go. I’ve recently heard from a friend that well I haven’t heard from in over 10-years. Gob smacked, truly gob smacked that he’s even alive. It’s a good thing. More later.

So what else have I been up to? Traveling for work with not a lot of play this go round. To be honest, I’m tired. I don’t say that much, but I am. To the bone.

The upside is that I’ve been in both San Francisco and Boston. Two of my favorite US City’s. I’ll say it now, I did not get to see everyone that I would have liked on the SF trip. It was work, work, work and more work. Four whirlwind days of meetings and a conference. From 7:00 AM (or before) to the late evening. The life of a PR executive on the road is not all that sexy… it’s fun most of the time, but not sexy.

I managed to have a working brunch on Sunday, however being in on Sunday was a last minute deal. If I missed you, well … next trip. Sunday afternoon free time was spent with with Lee (no Jens), Sam and Sue from Noe Knit, not in that order. I’ll say it, I MISS SF!


Tapas Anyone? My old haunt….

The next jaunt was to Boston. Weather? Horrible for April, even by Boston standards. It was also the Boston Marathon. OHHHH the irony. The finish line was 2-blocks from our hotel, however we (client and I) were at the new convention center, across town, in a press interview when the elite runners blew through. And I mean literally. blew through with a head wind of about 40-miles an hour. I did manage to get a shot of some of those that came in after the elite runners. Times roughly 3:25+ hours for 28 miles. My hotel neighbor managed to clock in a respectable 3:18 and change. Impressive is all I have to say on that subject.


Boston marathon – THE END

I’ve also managed to get some knitting in and/or take it with me on the plane. Sydney’s sweater is growing slowly and looking very good. I’m also working on a cable sock design for a class this summer. I’ve never been much of a sock knitter, but finding that I’m enjoying it quite immensely. I’m close to turning the heal, so we’ll see how much I like it after that. Once I finish it, the pattern will be posted on the site.

Designing? I’m working on the beach sweater idea that I had last year and putting together a class course on ‘Sweater Architecture’ for the fall. Knitting and designing these days seem to be the calm in the chaos.


Sydney’s Sweater


Cable Sock


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