Posted by: L | May 1, 2007

If I Can’t Knit….

I’ll just read other blogs. One of my recent finds is one of my students, Laini Taylor. I fell in love with her ‘Laini’s Lady’s’ a while back. Imagine my surprise that she was in my class. How cool is that! The REALLY exciting bit is that she’s following her dream to be a writer and will publish her first Young Adult Book – Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer in June. I can’t wait. She weaves in knitting and the setting – inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Her husband did all the illustrations. Amazing and inspiring.

What else? Nada, nothing. The next five weeks are consumed with DAC, a client trip to NYC and another to DC. Thank goodness I only have to travel for DAC and I have a team to help! If you don’t remember what DAC is, read Brain Dead, Scorching in SF and Knitting. It says it all. Every year I hope that timelines and deadlines will get better. It hasn’t happened, yet. Coverage? Miracles? We’ll see.

However…. on the upside, I have managed to get out and ‘see’ my new neighborhood. With the camera. Finally.

I give you the Borough of St John’s in Portland, OR.


Corner Movie Theater. Pizza and beer to be had while viewing.


Most intriguing bar in town (that’s saying a lot!) Italian/Chinese AND a Palm Tree. There’s a story here…


The last of the ‘neighborhood’ bars. Really, it sits in the middle of the neighborhood!

Notice a theme? Bar/Pub crawls? NOT a problem. Seriously though (I’m not sure those two words together are grammatically correct. Not sure I care.) Back to the subject. The ‘Centre’ of town is like, a throw back to the 70’s. We probably have about 5-years before the transition to upscale really takes hold. I hope we don’t lose the charm of the neighborhood. It’s a bit beat nick, meets yuppie, meets Mexican immigrant.

The other features of the neighborhood are the Bridge, the River and Cathedral Park.


St. John’s Bridge. I cross it everyday. Something magical about that. Add a Tugboat and daisy’s and my day is made. A posting for another time.


Cathedral Park 1


Cathedral Park 2


Good old fashion Paddle Wheeler


Speaking of Tugboats. Not sure if you can see, but two of them ‘docking’ the weekly Toyota shipment for the NW.

That’s it. If you find any grammar errors, well apologies… sort of. Tired and the bath is beckoning…


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