Posted by: L | May 14, 2007

Brain Dead and Positive Thinking

I did get some knitting in this weekend. I made it a priority and it helped. Why? Two things. I hit the wall of just not being able to think anymore and I had a very unpleasant email from someone that technically is not supposed to contact me. To say that it was pleasant would be short sighted.

Once I got over the shock of the email it occurred to me that negative people and situations can and do come back. And when they do, no matter how much counseling you have had, the stress of it can kick right back in.

After I got over the mad and the day or so of being thrown back to negativity… I. am. moving. on. Life is just to short. The moral of the story? I have a great life and people that love me. Tim, my sister and friends were and are incredibly supportive and I love what I do. I’ve worked hard at what I do and deserve all that I have worked for. Seriously what else could one ask for? In the end I actually feel sorry for the person.

The sun is shining today. So, no matter what happens, the day will be a good one.



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