Posted by: L | May 19, 2007

It’s All About The Students

When I’m not working, I’ve been busy knitting on Sydney’s sweater. It’s coming along nicely. Beyond that, I’m living vicariously through my students. I have to say, a lot of accomplishments this last week on that end. Read on… 

First Sweater Class: We have our last class with the group this Thursday. It should be a blast! Adriane is on her ‘second’ ‘third’ sweater. I can’t wait to see what she chooses next. I don’t have a photo of Helen’s. She’s finished with the front and back of her Rowan sweater and working on her sleeves. She’s chosen the second. Wahooo…. Kim? She’s been MIA.  I’m competing with a remodel. I hear that it’s coming along. Both the remodel and the sweater. I hope she makes it this week…


Open Saturday Class: Alexandra has the knitting down! We started purling this week. It was great. Way to go with sticking with it, and Laini for helping! Laini is off and running with color. Each has a web site where you can read more on knitting and discover two great other Blogs. Lady’s I’m hooked. Kerrie (no photo of her yet) has ripped a whole sweater out. It was store bought, but had lost its shaping. She’s re-knitting it for her husband.






Kerrie (before the ripping)

I truly do love to teach and ‘see’ the aha moment when the brain and the hand seem to get it together. The moment when the knit and the purl stitch make sense. That first couple of rows of stock-n-knit (st st). Most especially, when the light bulb goes on. When they realize – wow everything else comes from this? This is the secret. I can do yarn overs, cables, seed stitch… The answer: yes. Once you have the basics and building blocks the world of knitting (with some daring included) really is that open. It’s not for everyone. Yet for everyone that makes that attempt. It is amazing. 

Thank you all for honoring my week by coming, all of you. Have a great week everyone! Can’t wait to see everyone and where you are.


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