Posted by: L | May 31, 2007

Brain Dead and The Weekend

This post holds no epiphanies or deep observations. My brain just can’t handle it. It’s DAC. Really I don’t need to say more. The upside? Only one more week. Once it’s over I can return calls (Sheryl!), actually make calls (Stacy, Sheryl, Sue, Lee and crew…) and hold decent and thought provoking conversation.  With that, here goes.

This was our Memorial Day weekend. I’m not a big one for the parades or the news actually, however I do support our troops. I just don’t get in the frey or debate. I’m a bit more quiet in my support and I like it that way. That stated – Thank you to all that are serving and have served and feel free to read last years post.

This time last year I was with all the girls at Mt. Tamalpias in Marin County. Miss you guys/gals. Actually I miss everyone!


I’m in Portland this year and spent it with my significant other TIm. I We didn’t do anything other than get some much needed rest, some cycling Saturday and Monday (separate of course) a train ride Sunday to Seattle. 


Portland Train Station

We walked around the City and hit the famous Pike Street Market. It was a zoo, but a lovely zoo. I don’t really mind crowds, Tim not so much. Early, early morning is really the best time to arrive.


Pike Street Market Entrance


Famous Fish Market Guys


The Crowd


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