Posted by: L | June 12, 2007

Late to the Yarn Harlot Blog Party

That’s the story of my life this week. Late …If you haven’t already read in the 10 or so local Portland, Ore. blogs, The Yarn Harlot made it to town Friday night at Powell’s. This time the downtown store, and even then they had to start turning people away at 300 people.

Theresa from Knit Purl met me. We had a great time. Knit, waited, knit, waited. At the stroke of 7:30 Stephanie arrived. We then – knit, laughed, knit, laughed, knit some more. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Friday night. Funny, oh so funny! And well that’s my take on the
whole event.I was to tired to do the book signing and headed out about 9:00ish.

I did bump into Chrissy on the stairs. I got a quick update on the group outing at TNNA and then said a prayer and crossed my fingers in the hopes that her sock pattern kit that she had for Stephanie made it to the Harlot blog post! It did! Here’s hoping sales, sales and more sales to you! If you’ve not checked out her sock patterns online they are a must!

Like many others I made it down early and managed to get to Powell’s by 6:00. Thank goodness for that. Here’s my take on the pictures.


The crowd at 6:00





Stunned staff at 7:00 (30 minutes to go)




7:30 – obligatory sock photo

I love the one of the staff looking on as the area filled up. Priceless. They just couldn’t believe that this many people would come out for a knitting author.  Hello… when will they get it! I think they’ll go with the Baghdad Theater next go round.

That’s all for now. I have a lot brewing on in the head and hands at the moment. All good. Just needs to brew some more. I’ll keep you posted.


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