Posted by: L | June 18, 2007

Moving Towards The Dark Side

I’ve done it. I’ve begun to learn to spin! It’s something that I have wanted to learn for a long, long time. I know, I know I need another fiber addiction like I need a hole in the head. Not. As much as it pains me to admit to myself, I’m a process kind of a gal. That means learning new things. Since meeting Janelle of Chameleon Color Works at the Visionary Retreat I’ve been on a mission to learn.

Barb Curran of the Oregon Spinning and Weaving Guild kindly took me on last Friday. She let me borrow this lovely Ashford spinning wheel- shipped by a family member many years ago. to another family member – who doesn’t spin. Go figure. It’s perfect for learning. It has a bit of a ‘hitch’ in its ‘spin’. I’m working through it.


I finally, sort of, managed to get the hang of the feet, the triangle draw (?) and feeding the yarn forward. Well sort of… the fruits of my labor this evening. It’s a start.


More progress has been made on Sydney’s sweater. I’m hoping to have that done in the next couple of weeks. We’ll see.

I found out today my trip to Accra, Ghana (yes, that would be West Africa) for a client is looking more like it’s going to happen. Sooner rather than later. Anticipated launch date: June 29 or 30! AAAGGGHHHH! Home July 7 or 8. I’m thinking textiles. The textiles are just amazing!!!!Who am I kidding. It’s truly all work. Unfortunately. To soon to know of sure. I’ll keep you posted. 


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