Posted by: L | June 19, 2007

Next trip, Textiles and Knitting …

A brief update on the trip. I am tentatively slated to hit the ground running July 1 for press interviews starting the 2nd. Everyone – big prayers as it’s hanging on a thread with the following action items to do and/or in motion:

  1. Get yellow fever shot. Check. Scheduled for tomorrow at OHSU.
  2. Purchase ticket. Budget approval is in the works.
  3. Get travel letter from client for Visa application.
  4. Google knitting in the area…
  5. Get my bum to Seattle to get the VISA.
  6. Check US passport is valid.
  7. Look at Canada Visa options. Highly unlikely as they’ll most likely need my passport. Note to self… get my Canadian passport application rolling.
  8. More research on knitting in the area. Expand search to include Textiles if needed…
  9. Remember that I really do love to travel and international PR.
  10. In case no success with knitting try to get to a shop for textiles by the Ashanti.

Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that we can pull it all together. It’s sounds just a bit to amazing to be real !!!

Jet lag? Not even thinking about it…

Yes, this is a knitting blog. Nothing to show today.

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