Posted by: L | June 23, 2007

Travel, Day 4 – Done..

It’s done. The quadruple application, passport, etc. are out the door via FedEx to the High Commission in Ottawa, Ontario. BIG, BIG prayers it’s back to me by Friday, June 29. I’ll keep you posted.

A HUGE and mean HUGE thank you to the Immigration officer at the Canadian Border that issued me my 12 month work papers as a Management Consultant and the Receptionist at the Ghanaian High Counsel.

Folk’s all I can say is. Patriot Act – what a bleedin’ mess!!! Nor can I forget the receptionist at the Canadian Consul in Seattle. And I paraphrase. 

Canadian Consul Receptionist: "The consul only does immigration paperwork Monday – Thursday from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM"

Me: "Is it possible to help me out as I’m up from Portland and need to get done and to Ontario Monday. When I spoke with the Consul yesterday no one told me know the time restraints."

CCR: "No. You’ll have to drive to Immigration at the Border"

Me: "Are you serious???!!!."

CCR: ‘You could come back Monday"

Me: "It has to be in Ontario on Monday"

CCR: "Then you’ll have to go to the border….."

Me: "Is there anyone on staff that can help?"

CCR: ‘We only do them M – T ……."

Me: Dumb struck … she was seriously not going to make any exceptions.

This is no JOKE… I swear to god, more people should travel internationally so that the can experience the absolute idiotness of these kinds of scenarios… (and people)…

1. Get yellow fever shot. Check. Scheduled for tomorrow at OHSU.    And Typhoid, Hep A&B.
2. Purchase ticket. Budget approval is in the works.   

3. Get travel letter from client for Visa application.    Sort of completed.

4. Call Canadian (Ottawa) Counsel

5. Google knitting in the area…   

6. Go to Canadian Consul Seattle.
7. Check US passport still valid.
8. Look at Canada Visa options. Highly unlikely as they’ll most likely need my passport. Note to self… get my Canadian passport application rolling.

I’m just knackered. More later, need to go teach some knitting.

AAARRRGGGG… I completely missed my spinning lesson Friday!!!


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