Posted by: L | June 26, 2007

Holding on in between ….

No news on the Visa yet. All updates from the Canadian team are positive though.

What else? Not much knitting that’s for sure. Not much of anything the last week. We’ve spent the last couple of days getting Tim ready for his 16 days in France on a cycling tour of hard core ‘leisure’ cyclists. I don’t know about you, but my idea of ‘leisure’ cycling is a tour around Sauve’s Island, not an 80-mile a day ‘jaunt’ through the French Alps near the Spanish border. He loves it. He’ll act as a part time tour guide, cycling leader and general helper. He makes some serious cash and thinks he’s on vacation. Who am I to call him on it. I’ll spend a week at a knitting retreat and call it vacation. 

On the craft side of the house, I’ve been up to more spinning. I have two – sort of – balls of yarn. I’m thinking that once I get a couple more I’ll knit something that can be felted. Suggestions welcome.

My first attempts of spinning.

Love it. Just loving it.


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