Posted by: L | July 11, 2007

Off and running … MysteryStole3

Well sort of. I’m back from my travels and have corralled my supplies to start. I’m holding out for a bit cooler weather though. The heat in Portland is just a bit much for me, knitting or spinning. We had 100 102 degree temperatures yesterday (40 for you non US residents). It looks to be as scorcher today. I’m not going to get on the global warming bandwagon. I’ll never get off. Sssssooooo….thank heavens for needlework. I did a bit last night.But not much. Still a bit of jet lag. It was an early night.


Here’s the yarn – Helen’s Lace from Lorna’s Lace, beads, lace knitting needles and a chart holder thingy (my eyesight is not what it use to be). I only needed one skein. Thank goodness as it was a bit dear. Even with my discount. I’m quite proud of myself actually. I’ve held to my New Years resolution and not gone wild in buying extra projects for knitting and needlework. Only one knitting project to date and no needlepoint. My drawing and designing supply’s are not included. I can’t say that about the spinning. That’s not to bad – yet.

Off to the office…


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