Posted by: L | July 17, 2007

Spinning and Nephews

It was a world wind weekend. My sister and nephew drove up from SoCal to drop off my guest room couch and spend some time with me in Portland and with my brother and his wife in Corvallis.

We had a great Saturday together. We did the paint thing at Miller Paint, two knitting stores, the needlepoint store and a hike through the forest at the Audubon Society. We had a great time. Jacob was a real trooper as his Mum and I dragged him from shop to shop. Definitely a fiber boyfriend/husband in training to some amazingly, future partner.

The paint trip was a must since the painter comes in two weeks to repaint the condo. If I haven’t mentioned it before, the current wall color is an awful ‘peanut’ color. It makes the place look and feel closed in, almost a cave like feeling to it. Yuk.


One of the many wall color ‘ swatches’

I’m drawn to the center color (Whip) and Stacy with the far right (custard). Either way, the color has to have a bit of Champaign tint to it to balance the rest of the house accessories and cherry floor. Grey or brown undertones just won’t work. I’m leaning towards the blue for the breakfast nook and Icing for the ceilings, doors, etc. Did I mention everyone has an opinion? All appreciated.

Decisions, decisions. Uggghhhh…

Some amazing photo’s of the hike below:





All else is going pretty well. Spinning a bit these last couple of days. That and yoga are getting me through some rough patches at the moment.


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