Posted by: L | August 15, 2007

Hello World – A new look & back in the land of the living

I’m slowly coming out of hibernation. Slowly. As you can visibly see, changes have been happin’ at the L house. The first is a new blog image, location and name. I’m working out a few kinks – bear with me. It’s a start.

What do I have to say about it all? As a transplanted southern, beachy kinda gal… when you’re down and a bit out, you pour yourself a bourbon ‘n seven, slather on the sun block, head to the ocean (or mountains), kick up your bare feet and start thinking on a make-over. So that’s what I did I’m doing. Not a full make-over mind you. Just a ‘back to the fundamentals’ one. More sans the bourbon than with. I’m getting to old for the hangovers. Which begs the question – when did that happen? I’m not that OLD! I digress.

I owned up to a few truths during one many of those moments. Most of those truths? Good ones. I’m living my convictions at about a 70% ratio these days. I haven’t strayed far, but I can do better. Workin’ on it. One hard truth? Just because it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck don’t make it a duck. And that’s as negative about a person as I can get. Actually, I can do better. I just won’t.

I’m not making any decisions yet on what I’ll do next or if I’ll land somewhere. For now, I’m assessing and working at my pace. Why? I’m at a place where I need to look to and in the journey vs. rushing to define it. Not me? Actually it is. You just don’t see it much. With this in mind, I’ve committed two days a week to the exploration, learning, and doing in the areas of spinning, knitting, designing, and writing. I’m also doing a lot of cold calling to see what that might open up. No luck yet. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Doors will open. Even if it’s only personal ones I don’t know about yet. That. In itself. Rocks.

I’m not sure any of this is sensible (mortgage and all), but it feels right. So that’s what I’m doing. In the words of one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou:

“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style.”


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