Posted by: L | August 19, 2007

Sister & Spinning

I was down for the count yesterday afternoon. My twin is in the hospital and just out of surgery this morning. She’s doing fine. In times of severe illness, surgeries, her pregnancies, the birth of her children, my surgeries, etc. we sense and/or feel the others health. We can and do take on some of the symptoms. Thus yesterday afternoon.

She took a turn for the not so great. She has a severe strain of staff infection. The CDC specialist (I’m not joking!) who is part of her team believes she picked it up on the plane last week on the way home from my parents. She had a scab on her elbow from her trip to HI several weeks ago. The infection took up ‘residence’ in the bursa sack. They removed the bursa sack this morning. The antibiotics they’ve been pumping into her the last week have not been getting to the area. Not enough blood flow evidently. She’s doing well.

Here’s the scary thing -the strain she has is contagious via simple contact. This means I can’t go down to help. I have to wait until next Wed. to find out if and when I can go. My brother-in-law, niece and nephew have to be tested Monday to make sure they are not carriers of the infection. If they are and I went down to help I could catch the virus. It’s all quite frustrating really.

The long and the short of my afternoon was spent on the couch napping, speaking with my sister, watching movies, prepping some wool for spinning and reading my Ashford spinning book.

Spinning Prep

I’ve been working on consistency the past weeks, with the goal to spin a finer wool for two and three ply yarns. I’m more comfortable spinning thicker ply’s, just not the finer. Barb, my teacher, feels I’m coming along.

Spinning - finer



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